Sindre Sorhus
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Easily access ChatGPT from the menu bar, Dock, or using a keyboard shortcut.

You can download the app for free by putting $0 in the price field.

Requires macOS 13.5 or later.

Key features

  • Access from menu bar, Dock, or with keyboard shortcut
  • Stay on top of other windows
  • Launch at login
  • Hide menu bar icon setting
  • "Default to GPT-4" setting (requires ChatGPT Plus plan)
  • Design tweaks to the ChatGPT web UI


Is the app native?

It is a native app with a web view. It adds a lot of extra functionality to the ChatGPT web UI.

Why does it add a newline when pressing the Return key instead of submitting the prompt?

This is a bug in ChatGPT. It changes behavior when the window is narrow (sidebar becomes hidden). It happens in Safari too. I recommend reporting this bug to the ChatGPT team.

Can you add a certain feature?

I'm happy to consider it. If it's about the web interface, I recommend also sending a request to the ChatGPT team.

Can you fix a bug in the ChatGPT web interface?

I have fixed many bugs in the ChatGPT web interface in the past. However, they constantly change the web interface, which breaks my fixes. It's just too much wasted time. Send bug reports to the OpenAI team instead.

Can you support the ChatGPT API?

I personally prefer the ChatGPT web UI as it's cheaper for me to pay monthly for unlimited use than to pay per token for the API.

If you are looking for a Mac app that uses the API, check out MacGPT.

Why is this not in the App Store?

Apple generally rejects website wrappers even if they add useful additional functionality. Apple has also lately been rejecting any app with GPT in the name.


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macOS 13.5
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62 ratings
I want this!